Saturday, March 12, 2011

my heart is full, and heavy,
my limbs are aching with inaction and indecision;
restlessness runs up and down my spine,
- itchy fingers tracing patterns:

stress manifests itself into jawline pressure
crawls up to the top of my head
around my neck

so much to do
when all I really want to do is sleep, or read.
too many things too many things too many things

dishes mock me from the sink
dog hair blurs the edges of the floor, the couch,
the dirty sock islands

detritus of five lives deliniates high water marks in the house
(and this is when I worked until 8;

and this is when Craig was gone;

and this is Liams lacrosse practice;

Molly's party;

Adam's game; leftovers for dinner, or take out..

tattoos beating in my head: you will nevernevernevernevernevernevernevernever

1 comment:

normanack said...

I hear you. Hang on. I too feel the rising tide of detritus (a.k.a. stuff) and tasks; grocery shopping is like climbing Everest, and a phone call takes days to work up to.
Your poetry is beautiful. Please hang on, and tell me when things look better.