Monday, May 18, 2009

Really, how did it get to be the middle of May?   

and my last post was March??  geezlouise.  Guess it's time for some priority setting.   I've been having fun, enjoying life.  Went to Texas for a b
it to see my mama & spend some time with my dear friend Pam.  It was a wonderful, life-affirming time.  I turned 40 while I was there.  (what's up with that??  I don't feel 40.)  

We went to see the Wall between the US & Mexico while we were there.  I really didn't know that they actually started work on that wall.  Really, 
how many Walls-between-countries have ever worked?  One?  and that one was 3,700 miles long 
and had slave labor build it.  I took a few photos (with my cell) of the parts we saw: