Tuesday, March 03, 2009

My purse was stolen on Saturday.  (I'm not looking for commiseration - it was my own fault - I left it in the unlocked car in my driveway.)  It was definitely a not-so-gentle push to look at my life differently.

So, the obvious things: be more responsible.  Put things away, where they belong.  (I'm sure some people will read that and say "well, duh" :)  )  It did force me to clean up a bit - I wanted to make sure that the police officer didn't slip and fall on my dirty laundry, and I wanted to have a clean place to fill out the paperwork.  I was also so upset with myself right after I found out that I did all the dishes and cleaned the kitchen.  

I will find a central place to write all important info down.  (and I will re-assess what I mean by important!)  It was difficult to get a replacement debit card without a photo ID; it was also difficult to get my Driver's License renewed with only two pieces of ID. However, the lady at the License place let me renew it early, so I don't have to go back in two months.  Hooray!

The other nice thing that was a result of this is that I got to get a brand new checking/savings account.  Things will be so much easier to keep track of now.  I have a starting balance!  

I wasn't that upset about the physical things that were lost - I liked that purse, and the clicky wallet, and the checkbook made of recycled plastic.  But, I have enough.  If I didn't, I have ways/skills/options to make more money legally.   What would it take to steal something?  How much self-respect would I have to lose?   

I am pissed at those who were responsible.  The deputy said that he's following up on more and more robberies.  He said it was the economy.  I thought it was kids - they missed the iPod, didn't mess with the radio.  But hey, they only got a dollar in my purse.  I am horrified that someone had the audacity to walk up to my  house in the middle of the night!  Calm again because the dogs would never let anything happen to us.  Angry because whoever it was had no reason to do this, and yet, I don't know what baggage they were carrying.  They better not come back though.  It is unsettling.  

That is, actually, the best thing probably, about the whole situation.  To be unsettled = less relaxed, more aware, better prepared.  and I did start Tae Kwon Do today!